Work from Home as a General Transcription

Do you want to have a flexible work time, freedom to choose your workload, not worry about traffic jam and reaching office on time? Do you want to work from home & earn income while doing the work you love?

I bet you do. I want to do it too. So let’s find out how to work from home as a General Transcription?

What is Transcription???

Transcription is a process of converting audio messages into text documents.

With digitalization and the amount of workload, professionals need help with documentation of their recorded message that’s when they need transcriptionist.

There are three steps involved in transcription –

  1. Listening: A transcriptionist listens to the audio message very carefully
  2. Interpretation: message from the audio file will be interpreted by the transcriptionist and
  3. Typing: the message is typed into text documents.

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Skills required to be a Transcriptionist

Outstanding English language

Good typing speed, check your typing speed here.

Excellent listening skills

Be a self-motivator

Internet savvy and working knowledge of computer

Excellent attention to details and Accuracy

Proofreading and Research

Able to manage workload and

Deadline specific

There are three types of transcription

1. Legal transcription is a process of converting legal audio messages into legal documents. A legal transcriptionist needs to have sound legal backgrounds and deep understanding of legal terms apart from having outstanding English language skills and typing speed and other general skills.

2. Medical transcription is to convert medical audio messages into text documents like patient medical history, discharge papers, Physician’s recommendations, prescriptions etc.Medical transcriptionist needs a thorough understanding of medical terminology, drugs names, familiarity with the medial process will be highly beneficial.

3. General Transcription is everything else apart from medical and legal transcriptions like podcasts, interviews, seminars, lectures, academic research, webinars etc.

Types of equipment Required

A good headset to listen to audio messages

Foot pedal to control audio and setting transcription software

Transcription and audio software

Computer or laptop

High-speed internet

A quiet workspace

How much a Transcriptionist Earn?

Transcriptionists are paid per audio minute. On an average, beginners can earn anywhere between $ 15 – $20 / hour.  As you become more skilled and experienced, the chances of earning better pay rate increases.

Since it’s a freelance work so you can work for multiple clients – full-time or part-time.

As you grow your skills and experience, you can also start your own company or continue as a solo contractor.

Training & Courses

So you are a cousin of Shakespeare with listening skills far better than the Bat, technically sound, and typing faster than popping popcorn???

You think with these super skills you can start transcription work right away????

No doubt the required skills are pretty general and formal training is not a mandatory but it is not as easy as it sounds.

the work is highly deadline focused and requires to sit for long hours in the front of the computer. Other important aspects of transcription are accuracy, eye for detail, proofreading, and editing.

It’s advisable to get some training or experience before venturing into this field.

Transcribe Anywhere is offering Free 7 days mini Course on general transcription. This course is to find out if transcription is for you or not. It also talks about basic foundation of transcription work.

I would definitely encourage you to go through this free course so you get the feel of it.

Transcribe anywhere also offers a full course on general as well as legal transcription.

Transcription Certification Institute is offering a free online beginners course on Udemy. You don’t need any prior knowledge or experience. It’s an hour-long course with lifetime access.

There are other paid courses on the same topics on Udemy. Courses are not expensive but it’s not too specific as well.

You can also check with your local community school if they offer certificate or diploma in transcription.

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Companies offering Work

There are many companies offering transcription work from home. Few are:- offers various services like transcription, captioning, translation, office administrators etc. 

For transcription job, you must be willing to transcribe Christian programmes.

At the moment they are only taking candidates from Hawaiian, Eastern, and Alaskan timezone.

The rate is $1.00/ audio minute. You have to email your CV and Cover Letter and once it’s selected, you’ll have to go through the test on the 2nd round.

Please check their career page for more information here. is a reputed company that hires transcribers. You need to take the test as well as fill your details online. is a UK based company that offers transcriptions work to freelance transcriptionists all over the world. On the website, the maximum rate is $0.60/ audio or video minute and they take beginners as well.

Rev is another company that offers work to freelance transcriptionist all over the world. You need to pass the test before getting any job offer. Please check their site for full info here.

You can also Upwork or Fiverr for beginners transcription work.


General transcription is an awesome way to work from home and earn full-time or part-time.

But it’s not a just data entry job, it needs lots of other skills like listening skills, accuracy, proofreading, editing, research and of course excellent English language skills.

Though transcription is not as easy as it sounds but with a bit of a training and guidance you can be on your way to a good start. With experience, you can even work full time with a company or even start your own business.

If you are planning to work with reputed companies someday, then make your foundation strong. Check if there are any formal training provided by your community college or other certified institutes.

Brush your general computer skill especially Microsoft Word and other software used in transcriptions.

Check the free mini-course from Transcribe anywhere and see if transcription is for you.

Good luck on your transcription journey.

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Stay Happy, Healthy and Inspired.