A New Year is Knocking on the Door

One of the most awaited birthdays is also over including mine and it looks like I’m still in holiday mood.

Past two weeks have been lots of fun with family, friends, and BBQ. Here in New Zealand, it’s a summertime and long long holiday with Bright and Hot Christmas, beach and BBQ.

I allowed myself to forget about my blog for few days with literally no interaction on Facebook and limited pinning on Pinterest.

Just chilling with hubby, kids and enjoying the weather. After all, isn’t this the reason for what we do? To Enjoy Life!!!

A New Year is Knocking on the Door

The lifecycle of 2017 is coming to an end and a brand new year is about to start (at least according to English calendar). The whole world is getting ready to welcome it with lights, firecrackers and above all HOPE.

The new Year 2018 is just a day away, I am feeling excited as well as anxious.

I’m sure most of us are feeling this way. Rounding up this year’s achievements and losses.

Checking your things to do list to see if you have achieved all that is there or just carefree and relieved that this year is over.

Coming year I am hoping to live my life more consciously not just passing my time aimlessly but adding positive values in my life and people around me.

Be more focused and planned especially blogging ūüôā Also open to new ideas.

What are your plans and Hopes for 2018???


New Year’s Resolutions

New Year’s day sounds like an apt time to start a New Year’s resolution, to set a goal to achieve something, be a better person.

What are your resolutions for the coming year? Have you ever been able to fulfill your resolutions?

I’m not a New Year’s¬†resolutions fan, last time I made my New Year’s resolution was when I was in high school and it bombed miserably.

My resolution was to be a vegetarian in a non-vegetarian family and the whole Universe conspired (my parents and all those cafes and restaurants that sells yummy meat items) against me.

I had a good fight for 6 months till my last straw of inspiration.¬† Since then I have not formed any New Year’s resolutions at least¬†not screaming to people.

But, this year it looks different. I am a boss at my home and I have full control over what I cook. ( Nah, no vegetarian)

Seriously I am tempted to make one and announce it to the world…Woah, what’s happening??? wait…Don’t do that… hmmm

Deep breath and here it goes -My resolutions

  • Be Positive – think positive and live positively
  • Be sensitive to people around me (I’m branded as too straightforward)
  • Focus on my Blog and earn income from it. (eyes rolling)
  • Not to forget my resolutions, especially the 2nd one ūüôā

so, there you go. I did it. Hope I’ll live¬†up to¬†it.

What’s your resolution??? Comment and share below.

Whatever is on your list, I hope you will achieve it. Please be nice to yourself. Happiness is found within yourself and if you are happy, you will spread happiness.

Go and Achieve your dreams. If you have been postponing to start your new journey then this is a great time to embark on it.

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Have faith and just do it. Good Luck with your new endeavors.

—————–HAPPY NEW YEAR- 2018————-

Have loads of fun and fulfilling Year.

Stay happy, healthy and Inspired.




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