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Hi there


I’m a 24/7 mum to two beautiful kids, a wife, and a full-time blogger.

My life has changed completely after becoming a mum. I’m sure you all -Mum & Dad – know it better:-)


I know 1st hand how hard it is to maintain a balance between work, home, and kids.

There is hardly any time for parents, especially for moms to think about their health and well-being.


After my second child, I had some stressful time jugging between kids, full-time job, and home. I was on the verge of nervous breakdown.


That’s when I decided to stay at home and take care of kids but the self-dependent hormone in me was not happy and urged me to do something.


OH! Did I hear that Motherhood is full of GUILT ????


I also realized that like me there are many others women who want to be a mum, be close to their kids but also want to continue their work, be in charge of their own lives and Be their own Boss!!!


So, I decided to find all the information to make money from home, get easy and healthy tips for busy mums to keep their Sanity Intact and share my blogging journey.


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Come, my friend,  join me on this journey and let’s build a community of Girl Bosses.

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Until Next time.

Believe in YourSelf, 

Believe in Your Dreams

Your Dreams will One Day, 

Certainly, come TRUE.